• From a small wedding reception at a friend's house to the large party at the Grand Ballroom, every wedding is special. I have 18 years experience as a DJ playing weddings around New Orleans. I currently hold a full-time job at Generations Hall (Warehouse District) which hosts many weddings throughout the year. In my downtime from there, I also DJ weddings around town and at other wedding reception venues.
  • Pricing for wedding receptions can depend on many things. These factors can range from location, amount of people, and length of time. For an accurate quote, you have two options from this website. There is a pricing tab at the top left corner or you can use the contact tab at the top right.Pricing includes taxes, setup time, and meetings with the bride and groom prior to the wedding day.
  • You can come see me at various bridal expos around the New Orleans metro area. Contact me for specific dates and times if you're interested.